Fresh Vape launches beginner vape starter kits site for people who want to quit smoking

We wrote about My Fresh Vape in a blog article last year, and are now excited to see their progress, especially as the first player in the quit smoking and start vaping niche. Now, we understand there is competition in the space, but the reason we can truly say they are first is because no-one else in this space is really speaking to the beginner vape smoker. Everyone is speaking to the crowd, the people who have been around vape and know what they are doing. Nobody, however, is breaking it down in a way that someone that just wants to quit smoking and start vaping can understand.

Fresh Vape will have a variety of vape starter kits and will be specifically breaking down the benefits and advantages of each one so that someone that wants to quit smoking can easily navigate through the starting out phase.

You can visit their new portal and save 20% or more off your first order by simply responding to their opt-in offers to join their members list. Access their home page at

To learn more about the process of switching from cigarette smoking, quitting the bad habit and moving over to the world of vaporizers, here’s a video that might shed some light:


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