Fresh Vape launches beginner vape starter kits site for people who want to quit smoking

We wrote about My Fresh Vape in a blog article last year, and are now excited to see their progress, especially as the first player in the quit smoking and start vaping niche. Now, we understand there is competition in the space, but the reason we can truly say they are first is because no-one else in this space is really speaking to the beginner vape smoker. Everyone is speaking to the crowd, the people who have been around vape and know what they are doing. Nobody, however, is breaking it down in a way that someone that just wants to quit smoking and start vaping can understand.

Fresh Vape will have a variety of vape starter kits and will be specifically breaking down the benefits and advantages of each one so that someone that wants to quit smoking can easily navigate through the starting out phase.

You can visit their new portal and save 20% or more off your first order by simply responding to their opt-in offers to join their members list. Access their home page at

To learn more about the process of switching from cigarette smoking, quitting the bad habit and moving over to the world of vaporizers, here’s a video that might shed some light:


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Wholesale Vaporizers that are Domestic US Based

Talk to anyone in the new, up and coming e-cigarette marketing – any retailers, that is – and they’ll tell you about the supply nightmare that exists in this industry.

It’s a fairly new industry given the infancy of the technology and products themselves, but my goodness, trying to order wholesale in this industry is ridiculous. You never know when and even IF your order will be getting to you. Most of the companies you are ordering from are in Japan and China. There are a million things that go wrong between the time you place the order and the time the shipment arrives, including the overseas freight by boat travel and the logistics of getting through customs. Some get held up and stuck in customs because customs ends up not knowing what kind of merchandise they are dealing with and it can take weeks, even months, and sometimes never make its way out!

So, the vaporize, e-cig industry has been waiting for a domestic based supplier for a long time. Someone that has figured out how to navigate the overseas international channels, get the right amount of inventory stocked here domestically, and allow for simple distribution to retailers across the US.

This domestic wholesale “savior” for the industry is finally here. carries a huge variety of electronic cigarette wholesale, vaporizers, vape juice, and accessories. They not only have the supply, but they’ve got the pricing right where you want it. And as an added bonus, they have all the tips, tricks, and consultation you need to make your retail operation successful. My Fresh Vape is the wholesale partner that can really be the difference between your vape company taking off, or taking a dive due to poor supply chain or difficult pricing and supply related issues.


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Philadelphia Deals Alert

Junk removal specialists, One Call Cleanout, have recently announced massive discounts to anyone looking to clean out their house, and sell their house.

They’ve recently teamed up and partnered with local realtors to offer huge savings on your whole house cleanouts when you list your home with one of their realtor partners.

This is a genius joint venture that only means savings to you, the end consumer, and home seller.

Why not get major discounts on your junk removal and cleanouts when you simply choose a top notch professional in their network to list your home and handle the home sales transaction.

Most of the time, when you are selling a home, you have so much junk that you would love to be rid of. One Call Cleanout specializes in recycling, reselling and donating your junk to not only save you big bucks, but to also help the care of our planet. By ensuring as little as possible ends up in the landfill, their services are very ecofriendly and sustainable.

So, if you are in the market to sell your home and want to save big on a junk removal service, check out our friends at One Call Cleanout – best philadelphia junk removal company and service bar none!

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